frequent questions

We, at Schlager Upholstery, hope that these frequently asked questions and answers help you to make the best possible decision regarding your upholstering needs.

Please feel free to fill out our advice inquiry form regarding additional questions and / or information about a custom upholstery-related project.

Why should I have my furniture upholstered?

You’ll retain a valuable piece of quality furniture. Why would anyone want to spend more money on furniture of inferior quality to that of what you already own? Remember, older pieces of furniture were all made with hardwood frames and utilized wood dowels and glue joints---not pressed wood chips and stapled joints!

How long does it take to have my furniture upholstered?

Once your chosen fabric arrives at Schlager Upholstery, the actual production time varies according to the number of pieces involved and the time of year. On average, twenty (20) working days are needed to complete a custom upholstered piece.

Which fabric is best for my furniture?

The choice of fabric is up to your individual taste, the type / extent of usage that the furniture will receive, and the exposure to sunlight that the fabric will receive.

When is the best time to have my furniture upholstered?

We will work around your schedule. Many clients have their furniture upholstered while they are on holiday, so that when they return, they will come home to a refreshed home.

How do I get my furniture to Schlager Upholstery?

We will pick-up and deliver your furniture based on your availability--- free of charge.

Can I just have my furniture repaired?

Of-course you can! We completely repair your furniture to its original condition. In today’s world, more and more folks are down-sizing their sofas when they move relocate in smaller , more efficient living quarters.

What’s your most frequently requested repair service?

Replacement of recliner mechanisms... remember, most manufacturers will replace their mechanism unit free of charge. You pay installation charges plus pick-up and delivery costs.

Antiques are different; do you have the accomplished upholsterers needed for the task?

Great question! Experience is the name of our game. Antiques are a respected challenge and a prideful project, that allow our Master Upholsterers (2) to proudly showcase their accomplished abilities. From eight-way, hand-tied coil springs and the critical diamond hand-tufting of fabric to the touch-up and seal wood finishing procedure--- we know that "the devil is in the details!"