An idea that is often forgotten by people who are redecorating and / or custom upholstering furniture is the inclusion of accent pillows, lumbar pillows, floor pillows, bolsters, etc.... throw pillows, if you will.

A few throw pillows, with the proper mix of colors and / or textures, can tie together the motifs of a room. Throw pillows can also be used to accentuate and highlight a particular feature of a room by drawing attention to it. Throw pillows are an easy and attractive way to brighten, tie together, and alter the elements of décor in a room.

Be they bolsters, large floor pillows, lumbar pillows, accent pillows, etc... throw pillows are an inexpensive way to enhance, co-ordinate, and complete a room.

When considering throw pillows...
What color is my favorite color in existing and / or newly selected fabric?
What colors / textures do I want to see more of, throughout the room?
Would a bolster improve the look of a classic piece of furniture?
Would a lumbar pillow give better support to the lower back when sitting in that chair?
Would some large floor pillows offer a even more cozy look to the fireplace?
What shape, size, trim, pleats, button (s), etc. should I include in my custom designed throw pillows?
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