unique projects

Now, for three generations, Schlager Upholstery continues to build trust and friendship with you... our clients, our vendors, and many of our community organizations!

Some of the special challenges we've undertaken...

  • Restoration Pieces
  • Cornices
  • Personalized Player Equipment  Travel Bags
  • Breakfast Nooks
  • Auditorium Seats
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Cushions
  • Antiques
  • Custom Upholstered Walls
  • Custom Room Dividers
  • Church Pews / Kneelers
  • Headboards
  • Down-size Frames
  • Industrial Equipment Padding
  • Patio Seating
  • Custom Shoulder Bags for Sales Samples
  • Antique Sleigh
  • Custom Upholstered Ceilings
  • Gymnasium Wall Pads
  • Wheelchairs
  • Custom Equipment Covers
  • Nature Setting Seating Pads
  • Tufted Contour Window Seating
  • Custom Boat Cushions
  • Diamond-tufted leather sofas and chairs plus over-sized, ornately trimmed cornices
  • Custom upholstered mannequins, desk pad, phone, letter opener and a pen and pencil set... (New York Fabric Show Display)
Need advice or a quote? If you’re seeking a little "advice” concerning custom upholstered furniture and an unusual upholstery-related project, send us an advice inquiry. Or request a free quick quote and receive a response within 48 hours!